Bottom Line Records was founded in 1990 by Edward Goltsman AKA “Ed The Red” in Brooklyn, NY. The label became a staple among the lovers of deep, soulful, jazzy underground house sound. It is also one of the originators of what they call Jersey Sound and Garage House. Many of the Bottom Line gems were produced by Ed “The Red” Goltsman and Nelson “Paradise” Roman under different pseudo names like SAMPLE MINDED, FLOW, O.D.C. , Blue Screen, Red Follies, Groovement and many others. Also the label featured productions from the iconic house music producers like Lenny Fontana, Jerzzey Boy, Reggie and Ron Burrell, Moore Classic Wall, T. Solomon and others.

And of course Bottom Line Records helped start careers of some of the most amazing artists, singers like Vivian Lee, MJ White, Barbara Dixon, Phoenix, Annette Taylor, Pedro Herrera, Kenny G. Love, INTRO among others.

In 2016 Ed The Red has reactivated the label and brought back arguably it’s most iconic release the serious House classic “Music Is So Wonderful.” If you were not a DJ or even old enough to hit the dance floors back in the day this single will still sound familiar to you. Over the years it has been covered and sampled so many times that it has become part of the fabric of what makes soulful House music one of the most beloved genres in the world till this day. Ed The Red has put together a killer set of new mixes that keeps intact all of the soulfulness of the original, while still exploring a bit of modern soulful EDM! When you hear classic, this is what they mean!

Quality music never gets old and Bottom Line’s classics still sound fresh today as they did back in the early 90s. The young, new generation of DJs and house music lovers are now discovering our sound and becoming fans and supporters of the deep and soulful side of house music.

One Love!